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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DPS Dolls is a GO!

    Some wonderful, beautiful, and amazing gals and I have created a new sub Reddit! We have dubbed it DPS Dolls and it is everything in this blog times 1000! Geeky makeup brands, gaming discussions, makeup contests and more! I know that many of my followers also subscribe to r/random acts of makeup, an amazing little sub dedicated mostly to 'glamming' (gifting) makeup to other women! This place is a place I HIGHLY recommend you check out, they are the most wonderful, inviting, and generous ladies and gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!

  What we at DPS Dolls did, was take our love of this sub and combine it with our love of gaming! So far we have had warlock inspired eye makeup, the discovery of a nail polish line dedicated to Final Fantasy, and have met some great new makeup loving geeks like ourselves! I'm so proud to moderate such a great place! I also would like to say... it has a pretty awesome name! (I may have thought of it... :)

  If you havent already come and join us there! Join in the discussion, soon we'll start hosting contests and get our tinychat channel up and running to the public so everyone can enjoy!
                                                        See you there!

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