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Friday, February 28, 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key?! Yes Please!!! (mini post for the day)

        At PAX Prime this year I really, REALLY wanted to wait in line for 3 hours to play for 15 minutes... but alas, the Oculus Rift line was shorter. But now my wonderful big brother has given me a golden ticket! I'll be downloading the game tonight and will post all of its wonders as soon as I see them!

I have played many MMORPG's in my day, everything from Aion, to Tera, to SWTOR, to Guild Wars. I was hopelessly addicted to all of them sometimes even juggling two MMO's at a time! Madness! I tend to main healing, support, or mage classes.

In ESO there are 4 main classes, each with 3 paths you can either follow, or mix and match as you wish.

Templar: (obvious but healer, support class)
Aedric Spear – consists of aggressive attacking spells that allow the Templar to damage, stun and interrupt enemies.
Dawn's Wrath – consists of attacking spells and debuffs that make enemies weaker.

Restoring Light – protects and restores health of your allies.

Dragon Knight: (tank)
Draconic Power- centers more on self healing & slightly boosting defense.

Ardent Flame- centers more on DOT & raw damage.

Earthen Heart- centers more on CC & boosting defense.

Sorcerer: (obvious but mage class)
Dark Magic – allows caster to control, knock back and deal damage to enemies.

Daedric Summoning – allows the summoning of minions

Storm Calling – allows the casting of lightning spells.

Nightblade: (assassin class
Assassination - focused on dealing a lot of damage and killing low health targets. It is a line for aggressive fighters who prefer face to face combat.

Shadow - consists of skills that allow you to use stealth and invisibility with maximum effect. It is a line for those who like to hide in the shadows and perform sudden attacks.

Siphoning – allows the use of DoT skills and self healing. The general feature of this line is that it transfers the strength of your enemy to you. It makes you stronger while the enemy becomes weaker.

I'll definitely be playing either a Templar or a Sorc, Im thinking either Templar and  Dawns Wrath path OR maybe Sorcerer and the Daedric summoning path... I do LOVE summoners!

I'll post screenshots, and info as soon as i'm off work and get it downloaded!

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