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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hello Waffle Review!

I want to start off this review with a great big song of praise for Hello Waffle. This order was won in a contest on reddit for introducing a fellow redditor to HW. I ordered a full size Hatter and a few samples and because it was for a contest she upgraded me to a full size lippie as well as throwing in a few extra samples! I was really flattered and it completely made my day! Now onto the fun part!

 Full size: Hatter. A lovely rosey gold color, more peach then gold
Samples: Fresh Lacquer, Arendelle, White Roses, Rabbit Hole, and Twins
Lippie: Elsa- A beautiful deep pinkish red
 Direct Sunlight

 From top to bottom: Fresh Laquer, Arendelle, Rabbit Hole, Hatter, Twins, and White Roses
 All swatched over bare skin.
 Indoor artificial light
 Natural indoor light
 Elsa Lip gloss: direct sunlight
Indoor artificial light

 The Elsa lippie is a BEAUTIFUL color but it doesnt have much staying power. I would highly suggest a lip primer with it, preferably a lighter red or a nude, as Elsa is a fairly sheer color.

I wore Hatter and White roses the next day and they looked just as good on me as the swatches! Paired with my Medusa's Makeup primer they were just visible enough to catch attention without being too out there. They stayed nicely with only a little color fallout for about 8 hours until I washed them off. I'll do a fun look with them in the next few days!

All in all I am in LOVE with both the shadows and Hello Waffle as a whole. The only slight gripe I could possibly have is the lasting power of the gloss. Besides that I think Hello Waffle is a lovely company run by a lovely person! I will definitely be ordering more in the near future!

Hope you all enjoyed! Any questions please feel free to ask <3

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