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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dena's awesome step by step every day face!

Today I wanted to do a review on a product but had a hard time deciding what, so what I did instead was a comprehensive step by step of my daily routine. That way everyone knows just what I am doing when I review a product!  Be prepared for a crazy long post today!

         I have been using Baby Skin instant pore eraser as a primer lately and I quite     like it. I only use a small dab, dotted around my entire face, then rubbed in gently. I have slightly oily skin and too much of this will turn your face into an oil slick in a few  hours. Sadly this is the BEST primer I can get in town right now so it will have to do.

                              Somehow I forgot to take a pic of my actual foundation bottle, but I use Cover FX in      . I don't normally use concealer or anything else other then my foundation. But I do apply it a bit differently. I use a small spray bottle with (bottled not tap) water to slightly moisten my brush before stippling the foundation on all over my face. Then using varying small circles and stipples blend all of your foundation. I usually spend about 2 minutes doing this to insure a good clean blend. Then use a powder brush to brush downward to push any tiny hairs back down on your face.

 Now! Right now I am growing out my eyebrows so its quite an ordeal to get them to look somewhat decent.
1.  Eyebrow pencil to LIGHTLY make tiny upward strokes along the brow, giving it whatever shape you want.
2. Wax from ELF eyebrow kit to put those unruly hairs in their place
3. TheBalm's Nude'tude is going to star twice in todays production of Dena's face! First I used a combination of sultry and selfish to fill in and blend my brows. I dabbed, mixed on my hand, and ALWAYS positioned the bristles of my angled brush straight again. This is especially important near the ends.
4. Blend the inner brows a bit extra, a harsh line looks far too unnatural.

   Brows are finished, but you may need to do light touch up after you apply finishing powder.
 Eye primer time! I have 3 primers for this right now but this one takes the cake. Medusa's Eye Primer. Its about $8 online and one tub will last you forever! I have been wearing my shadow all day and honestly it has barely budged! PLUS it is a very natural nude color which is great for subtle looks
 For the darker outer shadow I used Geek Chic's 'We are coming' from their 'Timey Wimey' collection. I do <3 Doctor who! Its a lovely deep, dirty brown with blue and gold specs. I have swatches on both bare skin and NYX milk in an older post if you are intirested!
 This part is easy! Find the angle that is right for you (this will take some experimenting) and slap some of this on with a shadow brush! I personally like a sort of cat eye effect so I only cover half my lid, but you can always do the entire thing if you are wanting a smokey eye!

 Next, I used 'stand-offish' from TheBalm's Nude'tude palette. Starting in the inner eye and working into the 'We are Coming' After that.... blend your ass off! I normally blend the colors in the center, then add another dabble of my dark color to the outer lid for a more emphasized look.
 I need new liner but for now I'm using some ELF liquid liner with my Sephora Lash Plumper mascara. I do winged eyeliner every, single, day so it is really easy to control for me, even though the ELF leaves little room for error.
                                                             All done withe the eyes!

 Since my skin is slightly oily I love, and I cannot say this enough I LOVE Palladio's rice powder. This powder is my holy grail of mattifying magic! Use the small pad included and press firmly around  your entire face, this will help to both set your foundation in place, but it will help absorb oil throughout the day!
I didn't do any highlighting or bronzing today because snapping pictures took forever and I was running out of time. But I did use a tiny touch of the Sephora blush on the outside of my cheekbones, then blended it forwards.
 Since I am basically a retro 50's house wife on the inside my favorite lip color is RED! I blindly reached in and pulled this baby out! NYX lipstick in CHAOS! Its a lovely red, close to a true red but with a slightly darker, blue undertone.

                                       Bam! That's the entire face ladies and gentlemen!
 Finish off with a little setting spray! I ran out of my Urban Decay setting spray but this ELF makeup mist and set spray actually works quite nicely.
In natural light (ignore my messy kitchen its has the best light)

I hope you all enjoyed! I certainly did, even though it made my makeup take about 45 minutes! Any questions about products or techniques please feel free to ask!

P.S. Im sorry for the formatting on this, its late... and I'm TIRED I'm too lazy to fix it now, I have gone too far

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