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Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm so so sorry!

I'm a terrible blogger! I got so busy with my new shop AFK Cosmetics that I have been severely neglecting all you lovely Paladins. Well good news, I'm back for good this time and bringing a fun new project with me!

It has recently dawned on me, that I MAY own too much makeup. Now, I know what you are going to say... but Dena, there is NO such things as too much makeup! I completely agree here, however I realized I have too much makeup to justify buying any more, mainly eyeshadow as I have a weakness for it. SO here is my new plan. Every day I have to use at lease one different product and take a photo to document it. Each day I successfully do this I will put $1 in a jar to save up to buy more pretties! I'm really excited about this because I have a ton of indie samples from places like Shiro, GeekChic, and Hello Waffle I have never even tried!

Day 1 Features: A Regular Bears Meeting by Shiro Cosmetics

I used A regular Bears Meeting on the outer lid and a random nude tone from my 96 color ELF Palette

This is my first time using this color. I received it as part of Shiro's 'The Hobbit' collection. This color looks MUCH different on skin then it does in the container. At first glance it looks like a deep matte brown with a very light dusting of honey colored glitter. It is a really rich color and at first I was worried it was too dark for me, but I was surprised when I blended it a bit that it looked more grey than brown. I have no problem with this as the final shadow was beautiful and it blended like a dream.
This color is BOLD and a tiny bit goes a long way, which I love! It has great buildability (is that a word?!) The color builds up really easily and it seems like it would be amazing for a neutral colored smokey eye (which I'm going to have to try eventually)

All in all this color is fabulous and I was really happy with my finished eye!

I'll post again tomorrow! I will see you lovely paladins then <3 Dena

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