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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 2!

I very nearly didnt post this because my AS is acting up and I have spent the afternoon/evening bedridden with my trusted heating blanket. But, luckily I had taken good photos this morning and my laptop just so happens to be laying next to me! So here is Day 2 of my self challenge to use every makeup product I own!

I used Master Ball on the outer lid and Repel on the inner.

All my shadows are worn over Medeusa's Makeup Stick It primer topped with a nude shadow to improve blendability

This morning when I opened my fantastic bag of indie samples I was stumped as what to wear! So I did the only logical thing, and let my 3 year old choose something.

She pulled out MasterBall from Shiro Cosmetic's Super Effective Collection because she wanted me to wear pink and that is the closest I had. I pared it with Repel (also from the same Shiro Collection) and I honestly do not know how I have not pared these before! I have actually never even opened Repel before! I feel like a bad Pokemon master for not using these enough!

Master Ball is a beautiful dark dusty violet with a slightly pink hue. It is shimmery but without being sparkly and once it was blended it was fairly matte. It was a bit tougher to blend then most of the Shiro shadows I have used before but once I muscled through it, it looked fabulous!

Repel is their zubat inspired shadow, which I absolutely love!  It appears to be a shimmery light purple in the bag, but on the skin it is the most BEAUTIFUL periwinkle/purple color! it was a lot more blue then I imagined it would be.This shadow too was a bit tough to blend, but honestly I loved the color so much I would have been ok if it ended up on my entire face.

The blue hue of this shadow got a little over powed by Master Ball in the blending process so i will be sure to use it avian sometime to show you just how perfect of a color it is.

After looking just now on Shiro's website it would appear that Repel has been disconnected from the Super Effective line! I'm really sad now because this is definitely a color I would love to purchase in a full size! I may have to try to replicate it for myself!

All in all I loved both of these colors. I do wish they were just a bit easier to blend because this look was much more time consuming than normal. However the color payoff was gorgeous and I was complimented several times on my "spring-y" makeup!  Another great product from Shiro!

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