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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Break Time!

Today I played the part of the greasy gamer girl. I didn't shower, let alone put on makeup. The world is lucky I washed my face before going out to get a cup of coffee. So day 4 in my makeup challenge will have to wait until tomorrow when I have real motivation.

I did however manage to get my League of Legends smurf I created to practice jungling (without getting raged at) from level 6 to 10! Now I can finally stop playing Arams and get on to some real games! I'm probably the worlds worst jungler, honestly you would be hard pressed to find a worse one than me. I love Fiddlesticks support so I'm going to focus on jungling him first, since I am so familiar with him.

Hopefully it goes well! Wish me luck <3

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