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Thursday, February 27, 2014


I know I'm supposed to be doing a super amazing and detailed review of some of Geek Chic's awesome eyeshadows! BUT I'm super sick! So i'm half assing it and giving  you guys some swatches today, I promise I'll do a real review tomorrow! Take these pics of the complete 'Timey Wimey' Collection from Geek Chic! With a few bonus shadows!

1st pic in direct sunlight. Left over NYX Milk, right over bare skin
 In order from top to bottom the colors are:
Untimely love
Yes, Sir
Bigger on the Inside
 Bad Wolf
 Sexy in Suspenders
 We are coming
 Don't Blink
 Captain tightpants (from big damn heros collection)
 And finally a Joystick in 'truffle shuffle'

2nd pic in natural indoor lighting
[Here is a link to buy these amazing products](

Enjoy! If anyone would like to see a particular color review tomorrow please comment and let me know :D

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